OTC Platform

The complete toolkit for accepting cryptocurrencies for your online business.

OTC Platform

With our Over The Counter (OTC) service DAM can facilitate the buying and selling of Digital Assets with FIAT for individuals and institutions.

Our clients can either:

1. Trade directly with our brokerage team via voice deals
2. Login into our OTC portal (GUI) to book OTC deals
3. Use our crypto API to automate liquidity. Our APIs support a wide variety of crypto currencies

Gateway Dashboard

The complete toolkit for accepting cryptocurrencies for your online business. Accept up to 50 cryptocurrencies for products and services online via our crypto payment gateway. Designed for E-commerce businesses such as FX businesses, iGaming, CBD industry, Online stores, Online Streaming and more…

Cross Border Settlements

We have established relationships with local digital asset brokers (on-ramps) in several jurisdictions, which allows our clients to purchase digital assets locally, send these assets to DAM in Gibraltar, we then sell these assets to fiat and settle with our ‘western’ customer.

We have partners in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico and Russia. (African countries coming soon…)

Gateway Crypto Cold - Storage Vault Facility

This regulated service offers our clients a secure military grade brick and mortar Vault facility with enterprise-level cold storage technology, built upon an advanced operating system which supports custodianship of a wide range of Digital Assets for individuals and Institutions.

We also offer our clients full insurance cover on certain assets, please inquire to know more.

Smart Contract Management

Ethereum smart-contract custody and smart-contract administration.

Our team can securely store your Ethereum smart-contract, storing your assets raised and your native token in our Regulated cold-storage environment. Alternatively, only provide you with Custody Manager wallets.

We can work with your team and administrate your smart-contract functions as per your requirements and grow with the success of your project. This service is completely tailor made for our clients and we are ready to work with you

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